Best boxing helmet: Notice and comparison?

Best boxing helmet: Notice and comparison?

  • How to choose your boxing helmet ? Purchasing guide – The top 4 models

Helmet is most certainly the most important protection to have in any combat sport. Although it is not always used during competitions, it is inevitable during training sessions, whether professional or recreational. Many beginners think that wearing boxing gloves is enough in terms of safety, but they quickly realize that even thick gloves can do great damage in combat.

A boxing helmet is used to protect your face, and more generally your head. It is common knowledge for experienced boxers that wearing a protective helmet is imperative during training. On the other hand, it is not uncommon to see beginners trying boxing without wearing it.

The helmet will allow you to avoid minor injuries such as scratches, bleeding, as well as the traditional “cardboard”. It will also save you more serious injuries, such as broken noses which are very common among boxers. Getting injured in the nose during a fight is relatively common, but often inevitable. However, breaking your nose during training is not really necessary !

Finally, the helmet will avoid very serious injuries which are not felt immediately, but which appear after years of practice. Indeed, many studies have shown that helmets significantly reduce brain-borne shocks, which in the long run can cause headwords, sleep disturbances, and in more serious cases, motor and memory.

This is why it is essential to train with a helmet as often as possible. We will present several models to you in this comparison to guide you in your choice !

Venum is a flagship brand in the world of combat sports, especially in boxing in all its variations. It is therefore not surprising that this brand offers us an excellent protective helmet.

Indeed, the Venum Elite helmet brings together all the qualities that one seeks in a boxing helmet, while limiting the disadvantages. It has additional padding on particularly sensitive areas (sail, temples, cheek), which provides good protection. The rest of the areas are relatively well ventilated, which provides an overall weight of only 0.37 kg which is relatively low for a helmet offering this level of protection.

This helmet only exists in a single size and is adjustable on several levels which allows it to be adapted to the majority of the templates.

The Venum Elite helmet is one of the best helmets on the market that remains affordable ! I have used it personally for many years. This helmet is an excellent product for a beginner or intermediate person who wishes to train without holding back their blows (attention all the same, training is not intended to inflict knockouts on their partners). Multiple padding on sensitive areas ensures maximum safety during your training. I recommend !

Be careful if you are particularly sensitive to the nose, this helmet does not protect this part of the face.

We know that many practitioners appreciate helmets that provide nose protection, which is why we wanted to include one in our list of the best protection helmets.

The Green Hill helmet offers excellent protection in the cheeks, temples and nose. It is entirely suitable for “heavy” combat with powerful blows. The bar system at the nose level is very well done and allows optimal protection, however this is done to the detriment of the field of vision which is therefore reduced. This helmet is therefore perfect for training, but will be less suitable for real combat, as it considerably reduces the ability to anticipate adverse blows.

Green Hill offers a helmet that will be perfect if you are looking for protection for your nose. It is of excellent quality and offers optimal protection on almost the entire face. This is unfortunately paid for in terms of visibility, which is considerably degraded compared to a classic helmet, but for English boxing fights with a lot of blows to the face, it will prevent you from going home with a broken nose !

Like Venum, RDX is a very popular brand in the world of combat sports (English box, thera, mma, …). They have a wide range of helmets, and the one we have chosen to integrate is their model which has a removable protective grid.

Indeed, this integral helmet is one of the best quality market price ratios, it is of very good quality like most RDX equipment, and is marketed at a relatively low price. In addition, the removable protective grid is a real plus, because it allows greater versatility in the use of the helmet. This allows you to practice combat without fear of getting hurt thanks to the grid and the good protection it gives to its wearer. And it also makes it possible to work on dodging exercises, and moderate power coup exchanges by removing this grid, which brings more lightness.

This helmet is an excellent choice for a person seeking good quality protection while maintaining a reasonable price. It is versatile and allows you to train 100% with good protection. As often, RDX offers a very good quality product. The grid brings a real plus in terms of protection, especially for boxers wishing to protect their noses, however, using it involves reducing the field of vision which can be disabling during a fight.

For having used this helmet several times, I would still note that it is particularly hot which can be unpleasant for people sensitive to heat or who have a strong sweating. Finally, it is ideal for adults and children, because it exists in 4 sizes that can adjust.

The Farabi helmet is not the best on the market in terms of protection, however, it is sold at a very low price for a protective helmet, although its quality is quite satisfactory. In addition, it has a removable protective grid which makes its use versatile which is a real plus !

It offers good protection at the jaw, as well as at the temples which are very sensitive areas. The protective grid that can be added to the helmet offers additional security, especially at the nose, without reducing the field of vision too much, which is a real positive point.

This helmet is a good first purchase for a beginner profile. He will do his protective work very well with moderate beatings. In addition, the removable protective grid offers him good versatility for training, with the possibility of removing the grid on reflex and speed exercises, and putting it on the exchange of blows.

If you take your first steps in boxing and have limited means, this boxing helmet can be a very good option !

  1. The field of vision is reduced which can lead to more blows because anticipation is more difficult.
  2. Reduce the guard if you are not attentive enough. Indeed, the protection that the helmet provides is often treacherous, because the boxer naturally lowers his guard.
  3. The opponent has a larger target to hit, making the dodges more difficult.

Size and weight will directly play on the comfort of the boxer. The thicker and dense the helmet, the heavier and heavy it will be. You will have to see according to your preferences, but also according to the type of training you want to do.

If you train with relatively weak contacts, turn to a lighter helmet with less protection, as the main thing will be to be comfortable, as the danger will be limited. On the other hand, if you want to train in a real combat situation, a helmet with maximum protection will be more relevant, even if it means being slightly less comfortable.

Fixings are an important part of the helmet. Be sure to choose a very stable helmet that will be securely attached to your face. Because if you use a helmet that is simply placed on the head, it may turn on the first punch received and decrease your visibility.

Upholstery is a key point that needs to be considered depending on the type of training you are going to take. For “violent” contacts, it is best to have a helmet with large padding. While for training rather focused on the skiff and powerless blows, a less padded helmet, and therefore less imposing, will do the job.

As with all equipment, matter is an important factor of choice. If you plan to keep the same equipment over time, prefer materials that wear little like leather. The more quality the equipment, the longer you can use it. This is all the more true in the case of a helmet. If the padding deforms by dint of being hit, the helmet will no longer be usable.

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