Female boxing: How to choose your chest shell / chest?

Female boxing: How to choose your chest shell / chest?

  • Boxing shell (TOP 5) – How to choose ? Man & woman

In the category of protective equipment, the shell is an essential in boxing. Whether you are a man or a woman, using a shell is essential to protect your genitals. And this is even more important when practicing a style of boxing involving a lot of kicks like Thai boxing or MMA. More generally, the shell is used in the majority of martial arts, like judo, karate, taekwondo, the mma, and of course, boxing in all its variations.

The boxing shell will protect your genitals to avoid getting bad shots there. Particularly in men, this region is not composed of any muscle or bone, making it an organ very little resistant to blows. In addition, this part of the body is made up of a lot of nerves, which greatly increases the pain during shock. Therefore, even if the blow received is not very powerful, it can inflict heavy damage, and prevent you from continuing the fight.

When it comes to pain, the consequences are not dramatic. On the other hand, receiving a blow in the testicles can have serious consequences, which can go as far as infertility (in the most serious cases, source: female jousting.health). It is therefore important to protect yourself with quality equipment in order to avoid any injuries.

The shell is compulsory in competition for men and women. It can be made of reinforced plastic or metal. (Reinforced protections at the lower abdomen are prohibited). This protects against a misplaced move, even in English boxing which favors combat more to the point. During training, wearing a shell is not compulsory, but remains strongly advised for the reasons explained above. Note that there is also breast protection for women.

The Shock Doctor brand is well known in the combat sports, including boxing, as it offers a wide range of excellent quality protective equipment, such as tooth protectors, and here, shells ! The model we are presenting to you is perfectly suited for practitioners who do not perform professional combat, but who regularly indulge in sparring, especially in Thai boxing. Here we have a shell made of several layers, with carbon and metal for good protection of the crotch. The edges are made of gel, so as not to make the friction unpleasant.

It’s great protective equipment at a relatively affordable price. This Shock Doctor model takes up a lot of space for training, which is why we recommend in particular its use in Thai boxing (Thai muay) which involves more work with the legs, and consequently, increases the risks of blows to the genitals.

Finally, Shock doctor has integrated its “Ultra Cup Retention System” technology into this model, which allows excellent shell maintenance.

If you are looking for effective protection to train in peace, the Shock Doctor 329 model is an excellent choice ! It will effectively protect you at a very affordable price. In addition, maintenance is optimized which increases comfort and makes you forget that you wear protection. We recommend this equipment in particular for boxing with kicks, because it is in this kind of sparring that bad shots happen most regularly. However, this shell is also suitable for English boxing.

Ladies, we also thought of you for this comparison ! Many practitioners (especially beginners) believe that boxing shells are an exclusively human affair, but it is not. Women are certainly less sensitive than men in the crotch, but this remains a very exposed area, with a lot of nerves, making it an area where the pain is increased tenfold. It is therefore also important for women to protect themselves with a protective shell to avoid bad shots ! To do this, Lobloo offers a very interesting model, which has everything you look for in a women’s shell. It takes up little space, is comfortable, has good support, and provides good protection. And all that, at a price that remains economical for equipment that you can keep for several years !

For feminine protection, this shell is the perfect equipment ! It offers good protection, while being pleasant to wear, which makes you forget that you have it with you. Lobloo’s patented fastening system ensures that you can adjust the shell properly to ensure proper maintenance (see video below).

When we talk about boxing, we no longer present Venum, a French brand well established in the world of combat sports, and which offers excellent quality equipment.

The Venum Challenger shell is no exception. Here you have a shell with triple-layered protection with gel on the contours to ensure the comfort of the boxer. I personally use this model for my English boxing sparring and I am very satisfied with it ! The protection provided is very good, and the maintenance is also very satisfactory, in particular thanks to the elastic (which resembles what one could find on a classic pair of pants). It is slightly less imposing than the Shock Doctor model presented below, which is why I consider this model more suitable for English boxing in which blows in private parts are rare.

Venum offers here a very satisfactory and relatively versatile quality boxing shell. It will be possible to use it over time thanks to the quality of manufacturing that we know in Venum, and for all types of combat sports (and in particular English boxing). The price quality ratio is relatively interesting, so it is good equipment for regular but non-professional practice.

If you are a novice practitioner who only wants to engage in boxing on a non-regular basis, or if you practice little sparring, Metal offers a shell suitable for this use. Metal’s “slip” shell is very light and provides you with good protection, at very low cost. This boxing shell is particularly aimed at occasional practitioners. Indeed, if you practice a lot of sparring, we advise you to turn to a more robust model.

If you want to practice boxing occasionally, and you do not want to invest too much in your crotch protection, this Metal model should meet your expectations. Protection that remains very correct for a low price. In addition, Metal is a brand you can trust when it comes to boxing equipment, which ensures that you can use this product over time.

There is also high-end equipment in the category of protective shells. If you are very sensitive in this area, or that you have already had surgical procedures that have weakened your reproductive system (the testicular twist that is common for example) it may be important to have enhanced protection to ensure that this part of the body is not exposed. The Diamond MMA System is a model which is certainly more expensive, but which provides very optimized protection to the boxer. The shell is maintained with 4 straps made from elastic bands of military qualities, which ensures good stability during use, and the materials used are also very resistant, without forgetting the comfort, because the shell is provided a large non-rigid outline. If you want advice on this product, just look at the Amazon comments that give this product 5 stars with more than 500 assessments, which testifies to its quality !

This groin protection is probably one of the best on the market, which is why we highly recommend it if you want to invest in an excellent quality shell. On the other hand, for an occasional practitioner who would not have a particular problem in the crotch, we advise to turn to a less expensive model.

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