How to choose your boxing ring well?

How to choose your boxing ring well?

How to choose your boxing ring ?

You want to open a boxing gym or you want to add boxing as a sport to your sports space ? It is therefore essential to invest in a boxing ring. If you are lost in this quest for the ideal boxing ring, look no further, here are some tips for choosing your boxing ring.

Define the area where you want to set your ring.

It may sound basic, but knowing the location of your boxing ring is essential in your search. Indeed, it is a question of knowing if your ring will be fixed or if you will have to move it or even to put it away.

Ask the following questions:

Should my boxing ring be fixed ? Yes ? So we advise you to move towards a fixed boxing ring. It is a ring that aims to stay in one place in your room.

On the other hand, if you are looking to set up a place dedicated to boxing in a modular room and your sports space is brought to accommodate other sports or events, we strongly recommend a retractable boxing ring. It is a ring that folds and tidies easily. It is the ideal ally of multi-sport rooms because it allows you to develop a room at a lower cost and especially very easily.

Second step, define the use you will make of your future boxing ring.

Use can define the type of boxing ring you need. It is therefore crucial to know it during your search in order to buy the most optimal boxing ring for the use you want to make of it. There are then a few questions to ask yourself !

Is boxing the main activity of my room ?

If this is your main activity, we highly recommend a fixed boxing ring like our ecofix boxing rings on the ground.

On the other hand, if boxing is not the main activity of your room, we have different solutions to offer you.

Indeed, we offer different types of retractable or removable rings that will allow you to quickly and simply change the layout of your sports space so that it can accommodate other practices. You can then turn to retractable boxing rings or self-supported boxing rings that will meet your expectations in terms of modularity.

Do I intend to host competitions ?

If you plan to organize competitions or if your room is likely to host competitions, stop looking and opt for boxing rings adapted to this specific need. The question then is, yes, but what boxing ring for which competitions ?

If the competitions you organize are regional or national competitions, of the “pro” type, then we strongly advise you to opt for a pro competition boxing ring. This boxing ring is intended to accommodate official competitions, on a podium of 1 meter. It is very easy to get on and is easily transported because it enters a 12m3 utility vehicle. He will therefore be your best ally for competitions in your room or in another place.

If you organize or receive international amateur competitions, it is essential to equip yourself with an AIBA certified Olympic boxing ring . Indeed, it is the boxing ring Ring boxing for OLYMPIC GAMES, World Championships and all international competitions “AIBA” (International Amateur Boxing Association).

Our wide range of boxing rings will allow you to find THE solution adapted to your needs and your sports space. If you have any questions about your choice of products, you can contact our team now. We will be happy to guide you in your choice so that you find the optimal solution !

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