How to find your boxing style?

How to find your boxing style?

You have already started boxing and you are looking to find a “good to you” style for your fights ? You are not yet comfortable in your fights and you want to discover which style of boxing corresponds to you the most ?

At Gnak-Boxing we were particularly interested in the subject because these kinds of questions come up very often. With our coaches we have made sure that we answer your questions as best as possible.

A style of boxing must come naturally, evolving over time, as the boxer crosses obstacles. The simplest way to find your fighting style and understand what costs the least effort, energy and concentration.

In this article you will discover:

  • What is called a boxing “style”
  • How your environment will help you develop yours
  • What to focus on to find the style that matches you the most

Enough to speak, let’s go straight to the heart of the matter.

What is a style of boxing ?

Before finding your own style, you must first understand what is commonly called a style of boxing.

A style of boxing is a way for a boxer to adapt to the different situations that arise. Do you have a more tendency to fight hand-to-hand, or put on a counter ? Perhaps you prefer to strike from a distance, or else constantly put pressure on your opponent !

We give a name to a style of boxing when we often find the same battle traits in several boxers, but some have a style so atypical that they cannot bear a name. For example the famous Prince Naseem who boasted, danced throughout his fights but touched his adversaries quickly and with good power for a light weight.

Do not copy a boxing style, either natural

We explain that to you now why it is important that you find yourself a predominant style, but just as important not to focus only on one way of boxing.

We often see beginners who have natural facilities in certain areas, focus only on skills that do not control at all and for which they have no predisposition just because they try to copy their idols. But if Mike Tyson hits very hard it is because he is naturally powerful. He punches hard without having to focus on his power. In the same way that Floyd Mayweather does not focus on its speed.

You are not told to create a unique style or to be extremely original, you are told to just be 100% you. If you feel more comfortable, more fluid while turning around the opponent, or remotely behind a good guard while waiting for the perfect counterattack against a dark opponent !

The English Box is full of different skills to develop; power, aggressiveness, defense, speed … If you focus on one during your training, you close your eyes to all the others. That’s why you shouldn’t fight by copying someone else’s style. Those who copy often find themselves unable to overcome certain dead ends

To find your style, you just have to improve little by little, go your way and find the combinations that match you the most.

The factors in your environment that help you develop your own style

Obviously you will not fight in the same way if you learn boxing all alone at home, as if you are in the Manny Pacquiao boxing club. The environment in which you progress will have a definite influence on your boxing style

Let’s see together the different factors that will make you evolve.

The club and its members

As said above, the club in which you practice English boxing greatly determines how your fighting style will evolve. If you train a lot against boxers who strike tirelessly by putting constant pressure, you will naturally develop counter techniques. If you are confronted with guys who box and run a lot, you will naturally develop skills that depend on speed, footwork and the finesse of counterattack

Your trainer

At most you spend time with your trainer at most The months and years spent listening to the same guy will accumulate. You will start to look a little like him and even share his mentality. You will learn his tricks and you will see things as he sees them. You will start to develop your own style by being greatly influenced by the vision of your trainer.

Your main goal is to touch your opponent

The base of the base, touch without being touched. This is your real goal, and it is this goal that will help you develop your own fighting style.

Each of your movements, each shot you send must aim to touch your opponent. If you learn a defense technique, it must serve you to counter your opponent, if you lead to the execution of a combination of blows it must be used to increase your repertoire of blow so that when the time comes you can place it in a match.

And it is with this objective that you will overcome obstacles throughout your practice. The more different boxers you face, the more your repertoire of blows will grow and the more your style will be marked.

Develop what is easy for you first

Indeed it may seem obvious said like that, but many beginners make the mistake of betting on what attracts them to a pro boxer they have seen.

So this is the reflection you have to make if you want to progress quickly. You don’t have to practice running like Mohamed Ali if you don’t have a lot of endurance. Just as if you’re not very powerful don’t try to copy Mike Tyson during your Sparring.

You will not be able at the beginning to have maximum power, mixed at an incredible speed while keeping a mad endurance an unstoppable defense and an unsustainable strike volume. Of course. This is why you really have to stay as fluid as possible, try to touch your opponent by first developing what you feel most comfortable in.

The combinations that you send most naturally are the ones that you will master the fastest and that will make you win exchanges. The one who has the mission to make you complicated, to push you to concentrate to defeat him, to push you to create new combinations to get you out of your comfort zone is your opponent.

Over time you will start to develop more and more skills, and you will find more and more easy “solutions” to win this or that exchange. Hunt the blows rather than block them if it seems simpler to you, you will take less damage and if you train enough you can directly use the same arm to directly counter your opponent. But if you prefer to block direct rather than hunt them, Super ! Stick to that and send your live immediately !

In the end, your style should make you easier to fight, not make it more difficult.

Train at all levels to find your boxing style

We often hear the question “what are the techniques best suited to my body style ? This is an interesting question for which we will give you what we think is the best answer.

The answer is simple, practice all aspects of boxing ! Learn each technique of each style. You want to develop the perfect fighting style for you ? Train everywhere, starting with what seems the easiest and most natural to you, then take an interest in skills that seem more difficult and less natural to you.

In any case, a boxer does not box at all in the same way at his beginnings as when he is close to retirement, his style evolves over the years, according to his fights, his body. Many boxers start boxing by being very aggressive or too focused on defense because they cannot adapt much. But over time they all naturally strike more with more power, fight more aggressively but more defensively and improve their style of combat in all areas. This total improvement occurs because they are aware of every aspect of their combat capacity instead of being limited to a single quality of combat.

You now know how to develop your boxing style to perfection

Now you know what to rely on during your training to find your boxing style. The best style is obviously the one with which you manage to adapt to the most situations. This is the one you don’t choose but that comes naturally to you.

But it is not always easy for a beginner to adapt and take a step back from the situations that arise. This is why we strongly recommend that you train even outside the room so that you can develop your technical panel faster.

And what could be better than a Fight-Ball Reflex to get you used to mixing combinations of Jabs and dodging !

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