How to start boxing at home without equipment?

How to start boxing at home without equipment?

Looking for effective exercises to improve your boxing level where is when you want it ?

Good news, you will discover 3 types of training to do at home that will aim to improve and improve your boxing techniques, but also your physical condition in the ring.

And this without the need for equipment or a training partner.

Improve boxing at home, let’s go !

Improve boxing at home, boxing against your shadow

Whether it is because you can only train at home, or for X or Y reasons, the following exercise is essential to refine and improve your boxing techniques.

The Shadow Boxing or the art of consists in carrying out on a defined number of covers, sequences and boxing techniques.

Your goal during this exercise is not to work on your endurance, or just to make some direct and hooks in a vacuum.

No, here your only goal is to work, refine and improve your gestures and your boxing movements. For this here are some tips:

  • Work slowly: Seek to correct every detail of your boxing techniques, such as for example: your guard, your support, your extension, your fluidity, your ease, etc ….
  • Box on a defined number of rounds: For your training to be structured and productive, organize your shadow on a roll base. Example: 5 rounds of 2 minutes of shadow (with 1 minute of rest between each).
  • Give a theme to each round: Example: in the first round I work my sequence: Left / right / Uppercut to the body. Each round must have a very specific theme, to prevent it from being reduced to boxing in a vacuum without purpose or objective.

Between each round of shadow (during the rest minute) you can do muscle reinforcement. Since as I was strongly advised to you previously, the shadow is a slow job, which aims to perfect your boxing techniques and sequences, and not a “physical” exercise has spoken properly.

Very good training to do at home, even in a reduced space.

We move on !

Improve his boxer endurance at home

Improving boxing also requires physical condition.

You can know all the boxing techniques in the world, if you are out of breath after 30 seconds it will not do much. Except if you hit as hard as Mike Tyson. ^^

If not, here are some types of exercises to do at home to improve your physical condition.

  • Training circuit: Based on pumps, jog su place, burpees, butt heels, squat and so on … Even if you have no idea for your circuits, a little tour on youtube should give you inspiration ! Training that requires little space in your house or apartment. And otherwise we push the furniture, it will heat up.
  • Skip to jump: I know I said at the beginning of the article that there was no need for equipment, but I still had to tell you ! Then for less than € 10 you can find it in any sports store. A very good exercise to improve your endurance and boxing trips.
  • Stretching and softening: Yes Madames and Gentlemen, flexible muscular will make you more efficient in the ring. Especially for those who do foot-to-pocket boxing, this will be a great way to improve your amplitude, to be able to put on big high-kicks !

With these 3 entrainments you will be able to improve your endurance in the ring, develop your explosiveness while strengthening your muscles and finally, relax.

No more excuses for not training in his apartment or house.

Improve boxing at home by thought

You might tell me,

And yet it is !

2 methods are available to you to improve your boxing without moving from the sofa. Good luck who will ask for a put into practice later, we agree …

  1. Reflection: It is important, even if you are not blocked in training at home, to take 5 minutes from time to time to think about:

All these questions will push you to find solutions, which will subsequently greatly improve your boxing. You will know what YOU MUST do and it will allow you to be much more efficient during your boxing training.

2) Visualization: This second technique is more targeted for those who fight. It allows you to increase your self-confidence !

It involves lying down or sitting comfortably for a few minutes. Then your goal is to remember the moments when you were comfortable when you boxed. Moments when you felt “hot”, or your sequences passed like a letter in the post, you felt strong, confident, proud of yourself, etc

Doing this exercise at home from time to time will send positive messages to your brain that will put you more confident when you box in the future. .

IN SUMMARY: What to do to improve your boxing at home ?

  1. Shadow boxing will allow you to improve your boxing techniques. Without needing a lot of space, or a training partner.
  2. Any type of training circuit, stretching and jump rope will help you improve your physical condition in the ring. While staying at home.
  3. Reflection and visualization are very good ways to better prepare for your future training sessions and improve your self-confidence, especially for those who fight.

Boxing techniques, physical condition and mental preparation, everything is there to boost your boxing performance, without moving from home. It is up to you to find the motivation to train.



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