TOP 3 training to progress in boxing?

TOP 3 training to progress in boxing?

Want to improve boxing at home ?

But you can’t find a full enough exercise to progress effectively in boxing ? No worries I have what you need !

You will be able to perfect your boxing while improving your physical condition. And good news, you will not need equipment or a training partner.

Boxing at home is gone !

The best boxing training to do at home

To be carried out in the most optimal way possible, this boxing exercise with 2 main principles :

  • Boxer slowly
  • Take 2 minutes to think about what you want to improve in your boxing.

The famous and long-awaited exercise in boxing at home that you will discover today is, shadow boxing.

What is shadow boxing ?

The shadow is the art of boxing on your own. It consists of making different moves and sequences of boxing in a vacuum.

The benefits of the shadow are as follows ?

  • No external element can disturb you in your boxing (opposer, stress, strike bag, etc …). This allows you to focus exclusively on optimizing your techniques.
  • You decide what you want to improve.
  • It’s a great boxing exercise to do at home.
  • It improves your boxing techniques.
  • It can also develop your endurance and serve as muscle reinforcement. If it is done with the help of small weight of bodybuilding. Or using the trick that I will reveal to you later in this article.
  • No need for a training partner.

How to improve your boxing at home thanks to shadow boxing ?

Now let’s see the principles that will allow you to do your own boxing training sessions in shadow boxing, in your house or apartment.

1) Make your shadow on a roll base. Example: Make 3, 5, 7, 9, 12 rounds of shadow interspersed with 1 minute of rest.

2) Put a theme on each round of shadow boxing. Example:

  • Round 1: I box free quiet.
  • Round 2: I work my jab
  • Round 3: I perfect my hooks on my face
  • Round 4: I work my direct chain bars before / direct back arm
  • Round 5: I perfect my hooks to the body
  • Round 6: I work a typical sequence
  • Etc ….

Your goal will be to repeat the entire duration of the round the sequence or the boxing theme that you have previously fixed.

I advise you upstream (it takes 3 minutes) to put on paper the themes that you will discuss on your boxing rounds.

3) A tip to complete your shadow and thus improve your physical condition is: insert physical exercises during your rest minutes. Example:

  • Forward slots / Rear slits
  • Pump: normal, spread, triangle, etc …
  • Burpees
  • Knee climbs
  • Buttocks
  • etc …

Since shadow boxing is a technical exercise where you have to work slowly. Adding physical exercises during your rest minutes is a very good way to combine boxing technical work with physical exercises.

Is there even more effective training to progress in boxing at home ?

Video training and boxing programs are also great ways to improve boxing in yourself.

Why ?

The principle of video training is: A coach facing the camera gives you his best advice in the theme of training chooses. He can thus carry out demonstrations which will allow to support his statements and thus facilitate your understanding.

MotivaBoxe is developing many video formations that I hope will help you boost your performance in the ring. (while training at home)

When in the boxing program, they allow you to know what and when to do your training sessions to progress effectively in the theme chooses.

Like for example, MotivaBoxe offers you a boxing program to improve your combat endurance. It allows you to have a one-month program to do at home (and outdoors via jogs) to improve your combat endurance.

In addition I reveal to you my 10 best tips that will help you be more enduring in combat. (Bref I stop for the ahaha promotion). But I really believe in the potential of its training and programs. Obviously, I have already achieved them all upstream to be sure of their effectiveness

Now you know “THE” exercise to improve boxing (and physical condition at the same time) at home and even other even more effective alternatives.

For those who will read this article when it leaves, I wish you good containment and



Kyle, your MB coach

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