Top 5 Best Free Proxy for Market Research?

Top 5 Best Free Proxy for Market Research?

When I want to watch a popular series on Netflix US or watch my favorite Youtubers, it is frustrating to be restricted due to my location. After testing more than 20 free proxies, I have to admit that the results are far from what I expected. Although they promise to unlock content around the world, many proxy servers don’t really work.

In order to avoid having to try many options before finding one that you can actually use, I have established a list of the 9 best proxy servers based on the results of my tests.

However, most proxy servers keep logs of your business, expose you to advertisements (and trackwares) or still impose access restrictions on you. For these reasons, they are only a short-term solution. If you are looking for higher anonymity and security online, you should consider a more reliable solution: a VPN

Unlimited access to high quality VPNs is not free, but if you use a service like ExpressVPN, you can . This gives you plenty of time to test the proxy servers and VPNs to see which of the two solutions is best for you.

Practical guide: The 10 best free web proxy for private navigation in 2022.

  1. CyberGhost – A free Plugin proxy for Chrome and Firefox with unlimited bandwidth, leak protection and traffic encryption.
  2. HMA – Additional useful features, but requires an email address when registering.
  3. – Proxy servers encrypted in 4 countries, but limited by their speed.
  4. – 7 additional safety configurations, but it does not block YouTube advertisements.
  5. – Does not save the logs, but it only has 3 servers available.
  6. – N ° 1 for its zero log policy, its security functionalities and the fact that no account is necessary !
  7. KProxy – A reliable service and a good reputation, but it imposes a navigation limit.
  8. VPNBook – 256-bit encryption, but it records your data.
  9. 4everproxy – A variety of servers and IP locations, but it keeps your data for 7 days.
  10. ProxySite – Unlock popular websites, but it doesn’t allow you to choose specific server locations.

The top 10 free web proxy for private navigation in 2022.

Tip: You want to browse the web without worrying about the confidentiality of your connection. Discover the best free VPN below.

1. CyberGhost’s free Plugin Proxy

CyberGhost offers a free proxy extension that requires no registration. The plugin proxy is currently available for Chrome and Firefox, and provides access to 8 servers in 4 countries (Germany, Romania, the Netherlands and the United States).

I just had to click the Power button, and CyberGhost instantly connected me to its server. I was able to select the location of the server of my choice and change my IP address in seconds. I was particularly impressed because I had no problem watching movies on Netflix and I did not meet any buffer memories during my streamings.

I did several DNS leak tests with CyberGhost proxy plugin activated, and it was successful each time, which means that my IP address was not exposed during DNS queries .

2. HMA

With HMA, you can use the Chrome and Firefox extension, which provides protection in one click and a choice of 5 server locations (United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany and France). When I tested its functionality, an automatic connection to the fastest server was established according to my location.

My fastest server was the UK, the place of my residence, which took less than 2 seconds for connection. Of the 5 servers, I found that those in the United States were the slowest, but I was still able to connect to Netflix and bypass the proxy error (in less than 6 seconds).

The free HMA proxy server has two very useful additional features – and . The functionality automatically hides your location when you visit websites, which I found super useful. I configured the functionality for a connection to the US server when I visit YouTube, so I don’t have to worry about changing the server or connecting to each time. The feature hides all of the browser’s open tabs when you press a keyboard shortcut, which allows access to school or work sites without getting caught ! You can find these two functionalities at the top of your extension.

Although HMA has recently changed its privacy policy to propose a policy, you will need to open an account using a valid email address for security verification. It’s a bit annoying because it keeps HMA from being a totally anonymous service. If you want a free option that does not require any personal information, you can .

Update – March 2022: HMA reduced its prices for a limited period ! Only € 2.99 per month for a 3-year subscription (you can save up to 73%) ! This is a special offer, so enjoy it now before it’s too late ! .

3. ZenMate’s Free Proxy extension

ZenMate offers a free proxy in the form of an extension for Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera. There are 4 servers located in Germany, Romania, Singapore and the United States.

You are protected by 128-bit AES encryption – although it is not as powerful as the 256-bit AES offered by the ZenMate VPN service, AES 128 offers faster speeds and enhanced security. The extension also has integrated WebRTC Protect and Malware / Tracking Blocker functions, which help you remain anonymous when browsing online.

ZenMate unfortunately limits the maximum speed to 2 MB / s, so it is not the best choice for data-intensive activities such as downloading or streaming. Unlimited bandwidth is reserved for VPN users – .

4. Hotspot Shield

Main characteristics :

  • Over 1,800 servers available in more than 80 countries
  • Military grade encryption
  • 5 simultaneous connections for your devices
  • Live 24/7 assistance via the cat
  • 45-day reimbursement guarantee on all paid plans

Hotspot Shield has free and paid plans. The free plan works in the same way as the Hotspot Shield proxy but offers the additional security of a VPN. You have 500 MB of free data per day (total of 15 GB per month). You also only have access to one server in the United States, which usually offers lower speeds than the premium version due to high traffic on the server.

Its only American server even works with YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. I was able to look at the content in complete transparency thanks to Catapult Hydra, the exclusive tunneling protocol of Hotspot Shield, optimized for a high speed and a low latency.

You can and see if it meets your needs.

5. only has proxy servers in 3 countries (Germany, the Netherlands and the United States), but it offers you several configuration options. You can deactivate cookies, scripts and other items (such as images and plugins) during navigation. I wanted to have more confidentiality, so I encrypted the URL of the page I was sailing on. It’s very simple – just click on and choose from the menu.

The proxy form is quick when it connects you to the chosen web address. You can also download a browser extension for Chrome or Firefox to protect each page you visit. I use more Chrome than Firefox, but I found the two easy to use because they allow you to connect in one click !

Hide.I’m my first recommendation to watch Netflix. Right after my connection to the US server, I opened Netflix and started streaming after less than 5 seconds of buffering.

Better yet, the free proxy server of Hide. I do not record IP addresses or online activities at all. (which I tested for myself) that I tested myself to find out if politics is reliable.

Protect your data with !

6. Hidester

Hidester is an impressive free web proxy (with servers in the United States and Europe) that offers you more security options. You can easily choose to encrypt your URL, block cookies and delete scripts to block annoying advertisements.

There is no need to open an account and Hidester does not keep any data from its users – no IP address, no navigation activity and no identification information is saved. It really impressed me, because most free web proxies keep at least a few logs for a while.

In addition to his free web proxy, Hidester offers several other tools that I have found useful in maintaining high security online. I particularly like the secure password generator which recommends passwords with confirmed decryption difficulty.

As impressive as Hidester is, its basic encryption cannot match the 256-bit AES encryption used by premium VPNs as ExpressVPN. In addition, a VPN will protect your entire device rather than a single web page. If securing your personal data is a priority for you, I recommend that you with its 30-day reimbursement guarantee.

7. KProxy

KProxy is one of the most recommended free proxy servers, with more than 1.5 million users each month. He has had a reputation for a long time and I would have given him first place if there had not been some problems.

Unfortunately, KProxy imposes a limitation of navigation time to 3 hours per session or when you have reached the limit of 300 MB of data. At this time, you will be asked to upgrade the service or wait 30 minutes to resume the use of the proxy. Although this is not a big problem, I find it boring to have to wait to start using the service again.

Most importantly, KProxy stores certain user data (such as IP addresses) and transmits it to authorities if you abuse the system or use it for illegal activities – including torrenting. If you are looking for a service that will allow you to share P2P files anonymously, you should ensure that you are safe and anonymous online.

If you don’t mind the data and logs, you can either download a free KProxy browser extension for Chrome or Firefox or use the web form. I like the Chrome extension because it allows me to choose between two specific locations – Canada and France, which allow a quick connection to websites. On the web version, you have the choice between 10 different servers, but you cannot see the location of the servers, which makes navigation and unlocking of sites less precise.

8. VPNBook

VPNBook is another VPN service which also provides a free web proxy. It is simple and easy to use if you need quick access to a blocked website. You can choose from 4 different servers (2 in Europe, 2 in North America) or VPNBook will randomly assign you a proxy server. Although I prefer to choose a server close to my location (for faster connections), I found that the random proxy server was fast (about 25 Mbps on average) during navigation and streaming.

VPNBook is the only web proxy with 256-bit SSL encryption – a level of encryption that you can usually only get with premium VPN. This means that you can be sure that, regardless of the server you are using, your connection is secure and protected from any attempt to spy.

This proxy is not in the top 3. Despite its advanced encryption and security, VPNBook maintains connection logs. Although these logs are removed after a week and are only used to report illegal activities, your activity will not be completely anonymous. If you are not satisfied with the processing of your data either, you can – it does not keep any information about users.

9. 4everproxy

4everproxy allows you to choose from 11 servers and 24 IP locations when using its free web proxy. I chose the nearest server (UK – London) for the highest speed and an IP address in another country. You do not have to choose a server and an IP address in the same location, which will allow you to maintain your anonymity !

I tested 4everproxy claims that each server is fast (with 1 Gbps connections) and I was impressed by the speed. I watched YouTube after only a few seconds of buffering, although I also saw an advertisement for 4everproxy before my video started.

No registration or connection is required, so you can start navigation immediately – I typed my web address and logged in less than 5 seconds. There are also no usage limits until you use the proxy for illegal activities like excessive downloads. However, the service records certain user data (but it is deleted after 7 days).

If you want to use a torrent file download and sharing service, . It has unlimited bandwidth, which will guarantee unlimited downloading, streaming and navigation – it does not keep any information about users.

10. ProxySite

ProxySite offers a selection of popular websites you can access (such as YouTube, Reddit and Twitter). Just click the button and it will direct you directly to the site anonymously, automatically protecting you through the proxy server. I found this very useful because I use these sites every day and it made the connection even faster. If you want to access another site, you can enter the URL in the web form and log in seconds.

You can choose between 15 US servers and 10 European servers to connect. The location of the servers is not specified, but choosing a server in a nearby area will allow you to connect faster. I connected to several servers located in Europe and the United States – it took me several seconds longer to connect via US servers

ProxySite records your data to detect abuse of service (such as excessive downloading or data collection at other sites) and removes logs after 14 days, a reliable VPN like TunnelBear will not record any of your data – !

How to use a free proxy server

Depending on whether you are using a web proxy or a browser extension, the configuration is a little different. However, it never took me more than 2 minutes to use one of the two versions (or configure it).

3 simple steps to use a proxy server

  1. Access the proxy server site in your browser.
  2. In the available web form, type the website address of the site you want to visit.
  3. Press the Enter key (on this page, it’s the key !).

When using a proxy server, it only redirects one web page via the proxy server. Sites to which you navigate other tabs will not be protected. If you want your entire browser to be protected, you will need to use a browser extension instead.

How to install a proxy server extension in your browser in less than 2 minutes

  1. Access your browser’s Web Store and find the extension of the proxy server.
  2. Install it on your browser.
  3. Find it in your browser and activate it.

How to choose the best free proxy server (6 essential elements)

  1. Reputation: If a proxy server has been operational for years, this is probably a reliable option for you. See if you can verify its reputation by looking for a comment section or a social media page.
  2. Server locations: Proxy service with more servers means that disconnection problems are less common. If the proxy service has servers close to your place of residence, you will also benefit from higher connection speeds.
  3. Visibility of the server: Some free proxies do not give you any information on the server – you cannot choose a server or even a location. This does not necessarily mean that the service is not trustworthy, but you must be careful if the proxy is new or unknown. It could compromise your online security or even allow third parties to record your activities and steal sensitive information.
  4. Data protection: Some free proxy servers record your connection data, such as your IP address or user activity. Try to use a service that records little or no data to be completely anonymous.
  5. Security: I have found that proxy servers that use browser extensions generally have additional security features. Some encrypt URLs and page contents, block advertisements and scripts to reduce the risk of infection with malware.
  6. Additional services: A good proxy works as an intermediary to secure your navigation. The best proxies offer you even more – such as DNS leakage tests and secure password generators.

By ensuring that the free proxy server you choose meets these criteria, you can expect secure and anonymous navigation. But if you want better protection for your entire device – and not just for your browser – you can’t do better than a VPN. ExpressVPN encrypts each connection, web searches, streaming to online banking transactions, thus ensuring permanent security.

Restrictions on the use of a free proxy server

If you are looking for optimal security and confidentiality, a free proxy server is not the best choice. It will only protect your information on the websites you visit – outside your browser, other applications (such as banks, social media and your messaging) will not be protected. You can switch to a paid proxy server to improve your protection and get more server and IP options. However, these paid services do not yet benefit from the security of a VPN like TunnelBear, which you can get for free.

Proxy servers also send all of your data requests as simple text. Anyone watching you can see your username, password and other sensitive information that is transmitted to the site – which is great for hackers and cybercriminals, but not for the security of your data. .

By using a quality VPN like ExpressVPN you don’t have to worry about the security of your data or your navigation. It encrypts each connection so that no one can access your information or your activity on the web.

Comparative table: free VPN vs Free proxy servers

Both free proxy servers and free VPNs have advantages and disadvantages – but the biggest difference is the level of security they offer during connection. I tested more than 20 free VPNs and free proxy servers to see their performance. Here are the results :

Free proxy serverFree VPN
Hide the IP addressYESYES
Encrypts the connectionNOYES
Unlock local contentYESYES
Additional security featuresSOMETIMESYES
Easy configurationYESSOMETIMES

If you want more security, but you are not sure about the budget, you should try a premium VPN with a refund guarantee. , which means you have up to 30 days to test each security feature and get a full refund, .

When to use a VPN instead of a proxy

  • When you download and share torrents. Most VPNs support P2P file sharing and many have dedicated torrenting servers that will allow you to download as much as you want. If you accidentally download a copyright protected file, a VPN hides your IP address and encrypts your connection so that you cannot be located.
  • When you connect to public WiFi. An encrypted VPN connection will protect you from hackers and spies trying to get your data on an insecure public WiFi network.
  • When you live or visit a country where Internet access is strictly monitored. A VPN with advanced encryption and protection against DNS leaks can bypass firewalls and hide your activity to avoid surveillance by the authorities. ExpressVPN is one of the only VPNs that can bypass the Great Firewall of China.

The 3 VPNs to be used to replace the proxy servers (2 are FREE !)

Main characteristics :

  • 30-day reimbursement guarantee
  • Military quality encryption hides your location and secures your device
  • Unlimited bandwidth for streaming, navigation and downloading
  • Supports up to 5 devices at the same time
  • Technical assistance 24/7 with a Live Cat

Although this service is not free, which can serve as a trial period. When subscribing, you can test all the functionality of ExpressVPN. If you cancel your subscription within 30 days, you will be reimbursed in full – . This is a great way to compare the performance of a premium VPN with that of a free proxy server in terms of data security and online activities.

ExpressVPN is one of the best services available for . Its military grade encryption and its protection against DNS leaks make it possible to protect your location data, which gives sites and streaming services the impression that you are in the right location.

I used ExpressVPN to watch Netflix US (from the UK), watch NFL games and download files to torrent restricted sites. Each server is compatible with P2P and, thanks to the huge global network of ExpressVPN- over 3,000 in 94 countries including France – you can easily choose the fastest and most reliable connection.

2. TunnelBear – 500 MB of free data for secure connections in more than 20 countries

Main characteristics :

  • Totally free and no advertising
  • Advanced encryption secures your data and device
  • 500 MB of data per month
  • Up to 5 devices connected at the same time
  • Assistance by e-mail

TunnelBear is a free, fast and secure VPN with a small amount of data. Only 500 MB per month, it is not suitable for streaming or torrenting. However, with servers located in more than 20 countries, in a single click.

Belonging to McAfee (the security giant), it uses 256-AES encryption to protect your data. It also allows a quick connection, since it takes less than 5 seconds to connect to a server. These fast connections make an excellent choice if you want to quickly unlock a streaming site or service.


Main characteristics :

  • Free for life and zero advertising
  • AES-256-bit encryption secures each connection
  • 10 GB of data per month
  • Unlimited number of connected devices
  • Assistance by e-mail

Windscribe is a free VPN with a huge amount of data – . I did some tests and found that 10 GB of data will give you about 10 hours of streaming HD (although Netflix is blocked) or a full month of secure web navigation.

If you are interested in torrenting, all free servers support P2P. 10 GB may seem little for downloading, but I found it more than enough to download 7 full films. Better yet, downloading each took only about 5 minutes thanks to the fast connections of the Windscribe servers.

Although Windscribe limits your use to certain servers as a free user, you can choose from 10 different server locations. From the UK to the United States, France, Germany and Canada, you have a global server network that is available to you for free.

FAQ on proxy servers

What is best: a VPN or a proxy ?

A proxy server offers a basic level of security by masking your IP address, but only the best proxy sites have advanced confidentiality functions. However, you should use a VPN rather than a proxy when you:

  • Navigate the Internet via applications instead of a browser.
  • You connect to a public WiFi and you want to protect your data.
  • Perform a personal task online (such as banking)
  • You download and download torrents
  • Live or visit a country with strict Internet restrictions.

If you are looking for total security and confidentiality, a free proxy server is not the best choice. It will only protect your information for websites you visit with your browser – outside of it, other applications (such as banking, social media and messaging) will not be protected. Proxy servers also send all of your data requests in plain text. Anyone who observes your network traffic can see your usernames, passwords and other sensitive information transported to the site – which is great for hackers and cybercriminals, but not for the security of your data.

Using quality VPN, you don’t have to worry about the security of your data or your navigation. It encrypts each connection so that no one can access your information or activity on the Web.

Will a proxy server protect my data ?

A proxy server offers you a basic security level by masking your IP address, but it will not encrypt your data. However, it will allow you to access blocked content (such as streaming services and news sites) around the world.

When I used Hidester to watch Netflix Canada, my connection was established from my device and passed through the proxy server to the website. This means that Netflix considered that my connection came from Canada, which allowed me to enjoy streaming without restriction.

Can I use a free proxy server on all my devices?

If your device is equipped with a browser that you can access, you can use a free web proxy server on it. Just enter the web address in your browser and you can start surfing immediately.

Some proxy servers (such as Hotspot Shield) can be downloaded to different devices via an application. These applications are a good choice for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, Windows and macOS computers, and are generally compatible with different browsers as an extension.

What are the different types of proxy servers ?

There are several types of proxy servers and they can use different protocols.

The protocols of the proxy servers are:

  • HTTP – This proxy uses a remote server for a web page when you make a query and you send it via an unencrypted connection. It’s almost like interacting directly with the web page, but the owner of the server can change the data you receive. He can add pop-ups or even malwares to the data.
  • HTTPS / SSL – This proxy is a secure extension of the HTTP proxy. It works in the same way, except that it has TLS encryption. Your Internet service provider or any other person consulting your activity can see the areas you are accessing, but not the specific URLs.
  • SOCKS / SOCKS5 – These proxies are considerably more flexible and more secure, capable of sending and receiving data from different sources. They are often used for torrenting and can be configured for authentication by user name and password.
  • Transparent – These proxies indicate to the website that you are visiting that it is a proxy server and it transmits your true IP address to the site. Transparent proxy servers are mainly used to filter network content (such as in schools or administrations) and monitor user activities.

The different proxy configurations include:

  • Private proxy – This type of proxy can only be used by one person. It is intended to hide your personal IP address. A dedicated private proxy has a static IP address (it does not change) and is generally a paid service.
  • Shared / public proxy – A shared proxy consists of several IP addresses that can be used by a group of paying members. A public proxy can be used free of charge by anyone who accesses it. This is a riskier option, because you do not know what other users are doing (such as downloading illegal content) and the owner of the proxy could potentially misuse your data.
  • Proxy web – This is a proxy like Hidester, which is ideal for circumventing geographic restrictions through a web page or a browser extension.
  • Residential proxy / Data Center – A residential proxy is a proxy provided by your ISP which behaves like a normal IP address. Websites will not know that you are using a proxy. Data center proxy servers come from a third-party provider and are easier to obtain. Most IP addresses are very similar and can therefore be easily identified by streaming sites and services.

What should I do if the proxy server no longer responds ?

If the web proxy you are using stops working, you can refresh or close your browser page. Then open a new tab and return to the proxy site. This usually solves the problem and you can resume anonymous navigation.

For a proxy browser extension, you have a few additional options to try:

  1. Restart your device and make sure you are connected to before activating the extension.
  2. Make sure your firewall does not prevent connection to the server – if this is the case, stop your firewall while you are trying to connect.
  3. Delete and reinstall the extension on your browser.

Unfortunately, most free proxy servers do not have a help desk or Live Chat to help you solve any problems you may face. If you use a quality VPN service like ExpressVPN, you will have access to problem-solving guides, full assistance and a Live Chat available 24/7 in case of a problem.

Protect your location data with a free proxy server

A free web proxy improves your online security and gives you the freedom to enjoy content that you cannot usually access – but it is restricted. For optimal security, with encrypted connections, data protection policy and complete confidentiality, you must use a VPN

A service like ExpressVPN allows you to navigate the web without restriction. It is also provided with a 30-day reimbursement guarantee (which I tested myself) so that you can ! This is a great way to see how the VPN fully protects your devices and personal data without risking losing your money.

The best VPNs that work better than Proxy sites in 2022

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