Top Films On boxing according to the public?

Top Films On boxing according to the public?


Finding a film about 7th art – from the burlesque embodied by Charlie Chaplin to the drama from a true story about boxer Rubin Carter, obviously passing through all Hollywood cinema films about Mohammed Ali – is not difficult.

Boxing and combat sports have aroused so much interest for almost half a century that the seventh art has been awarded a specific cinematographic genre: the boxing film.

We have all of our favorite kinds of movies: action movie, war movie, animated movie, science fiction movie, horror movie, blockbusters, biographical movie – in jargon…

We will not forget the good films of the history of contemporary cinema such as those of A. Hitchcock, Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese, Clint Eastwood, Tarantino, Polanski, Ford Coppola, the Coen brothers, D. Fincher, D. Lynch, or those of Ken Loach.

The list of the best films to see is long for a film buff.

You can also look for a didactic aspect in a film retracing the life of a boxing world champion, to progress before putting on the boxing gloves in the ring.

Here is for our readers a top 10 directed by us of the biggest boxing films to see

1. Charlot boxer

Otherwise called, this American film was directed by Charlie Chaplin (1889-1977) in 1915.

We all know the mythical character of Charles Chaplin, one of the pivots of the history of cinema in the 20th century, who played in more than 80 films during a long career of almost 70 years.

In, we see Charlot, a vagabond, putting on boxing gloves to play the role of a training partner to help a champion prepare for a match – at boxer Bob Uppercut, to earn some money.

But to see the latter defeat all the candidates, who fall one by one like flies, Charlot regrets a little his presence.

When the illustrious Charlot comes around, we see him secretly slip an iron on horseback under his glove to put the big behemoths on the carpet.

The vagabond then becomes a boxer, and acrobatically takes up the challenge in a last fight.

This film is not part of the history of boxing but remains a good entertainment !

2. The “Rocky” series

Become mythical and world famous, Rocky is a series of films written and directed by the American actor Sylvester Stallone.

In total, these are eight films made since 1976, retracing the fictional story of an Italian-American boxer, from the poor and popular districts of Philadelphia, and who became boxing world champion: Rocky Balboa.

Played throughout the Reagan years (1980-1988) and until today, the trilogy that has become a series realizes the bet to pay homage to the real boxer Chuck Wepner – who almost put Mohammed Ali on the carpet – while conveying the image of the American dream.

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3. Raging Bull

This – a biographical film – is one of the best eponymous films, which retraces the journey of Jake LaMotta (1922-2017), released in 1980.

Voted the best film of the decade in 1990, this masterpiece on the ascent of the “Bronx bull” was directed by Martin Scorcese, with Robert De Niro in the role of Jake LaMotta.

The gasping scenario shows J. LaMotta, from a very modest background, climb for twenty years towards notoriety, through his victories in close combat, notably against Sugar Ray Robinson and Marcel Cerdan, becoming world champion in average weights from 1949 to 1951.

And then, the decline, the inevitable fall of the champion…

The film’s reviewer ? Scorcese could be objected to being too interested in the private life of the boxer rather than his legendary fights.

Almost any film critic would say, however, that this is one of the references in boxing films.

Perhaps one of the reasons that made you want to do boxing !

4. When we were kings

The lovers of “Noble Art” – a term evoking English boxing – will say that this film is one of the best films revealing the power of the big competitors.

This documentary film released in 1996, traces the legendary fight between Mohammed Ali and George Fworeman in Kinshasa (ex-Zaire, current Democratic Republic of Congo), on October 30, 1974.

This fight was nicknamed “and it was Mohammed Ali – Cassius Clay – who put George Foreman on the carpet, by knockout (KO) in the 8th round.

The film evokes, in addition to the legendary final of the world championship, Mr. Ali’s tactics – who could stay in the ropes to better take the opposing blows before hitting hard on the counterattack by surprising the assailant, by a right punch, however, little used by boxers, and the climate in which it was organized, notably the Mobutu dictatorship.

The film received the Oscar for best documentary film in 1997 at the film festival.

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5. Hurricane Carter

Directed in 1999, Hurricane Carter is a biographical film that evokes the difficult journey of boxer Rubin Carter (1937-2014), alias .

As he begins to make himself known to the general public, an international boxer of the middleweight category will experience the apocalypse and the descent into hell.

Classified at the top 10 in 1963, he chained victories and managed to achieve the improbable: becoming one of the serious contenders for the world title.

He continued his meteoric rise, until he was accused, in 1967 and 1976 of a triple murder potentially committed in 1966.

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6. Girlfight

Directed by Karyn Kusama in 2000, this film puts female boxing in the spotlight through a young woman with a painful past and from a disadvantaged social category.

Originally from Brooklyn, a suicide mother, an alcoholic and violent father, expelled from several schools, Diana Guzman finds in English boxing a refuge and a subterfuge to move away from the vicissitudes of the life she seeks to flee.

She channels her rage on the punching bag at the boxing club and finds a joy in living by identifying with other social groups than those of her social world, made of despair and violence.

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7. Ali

Among the list of films on Noble Art, Ali is among those to see absolutely.

Released in 2001, the film tells the journey and the life of the most famous boxers, between his coronation of world champion in 1964 during his first fight against Sonny Liston, until his fight against G. Foreman in Kinshasa in 1974 .

Undefeated in the boxing ring, the film also relates the activism of the boxer, who will change his name from Cassius Clay to Mohammed Ali, joined the and who was close to the activist for human rights, Malcom X.

Incarnated by Will Smith, also famous actor in the film “I am a legend”, we discover on the screen one of the best comedies made around boxing and Mohammed Ali.

Enough to find the mythical punchlines of this famous boxer.

8. Million Dollar Baby

Among recent films, it is impossible to process boxing films without mentioning a masterpiece by Clint Eastwood.

If our readers like boxing, you absolutely have to see the movie Million Dollar Baby (2004).

Synopsis :

A renowned former boxing coach, Frankie (Clint Eastwood) runs a small boxing gym with his partner “Scrap” (Morgan Freeman), a former boxer.

A young woman – Margaret “Maggie” Fitzgerald – upset the balance of the boxing club, and pushes Frankie – into a phenomenal acting – to become his boxing coach despite his initial reluctance.

On the strength of his intensive training and advice from Frankie, “Maggie” (Hilary Swank) gained notoriety by chaining victories by knockout in the first round.

Frankie shows his wish to stop, believing that things are going too far.

He organized a last fight, for the world title: a fight against Billie (embodied by boxer Lucia Rijker), which turned into drama.

An irreversible injury ends the boxing career of “Maggie”, which asks Frankie to commit the irreparable…

A poignant film about a boxer with a tragic fate, perhaps one of the most beautiful boxing films of the last twenty years.

9. From shade to light

Released in 2005, this film directed by Ron Howard depicts the story of James J. Braddock (1905-1974), American heavyweight world champion from 1935 to 1937.

Synopsis :

In the early 1930s, he tried to get out of it financially while the United States was stuck in the Great Depression, and he resolved to do odd and uninteresting jobs to survive with his wife.

However, he was encouraged to fight the world number 2: match which ended in his thunderous victory in the third round.

Now considered the world number one favorite challenger, a decisive match for his career looms, against Max Baer…

10. Victor Young Perez

Directed in 2013, this very good film remembers the life of Victor Younki (1911-1945), the youngest boxer of all time to have been crowned double champion of France (1931-1932) and world champion of fly weights the same year.

Tunisian nationality – Tunisia still being a French colony – and of Jewish faith, he moved to Paris in the early 1930s.

As the political, economic and social climate deteriorates everywhere in Europe, Victor Younki soon suffered the consequences of anti-Semitism and the rise of fascism.

While Hitler has ruled Nazi Germany since 1933, V. Younki agreed to play in Berlin, just after the Crystal Night (1938).

Seeing that the number of roundups of Jews is accelerating, he thought of leaving France in the early 1940s.

He will never have time…

Arrested on denunciation by the French Gestapo in Paris, he was sent to the Auschwitz extermination camp on September 21, 1943.

Nicknamed “the champion”, he was summoned to box at the camp, in matches refereed by SS where the winner obtained an additional ration of food, while the loser was executed.

Winner of all his matches, he would have died on January 22, 1945, shot dead by an SS man he had previously defeated in the boxing ring.

A tragic, freezing film, where Brahim Asloum embodies the role of Victor Younki – aka Victor Young Perez – and describes with punch the ravages of Nazi barbarism and war on the talent of his victims.

A good way to find one of the best French boxers on the screen.

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