Why are we wearing boxing gloves? Closed?

Why are we wearing boxing gloves? Closed?

For those who have to fight in their federation in competitions with relatively small and approved gloves, or even MMA, boxing gloves with a smaller outside volume for training could be interesting.

In addition, small people do not necessarily want to train with gloves that they think are huge.

It might therefore be wise to pay attention to the outside size of boxing gloves, whether for aesthetic or sporting reasons.

The fact is that ten pairs of OZ boxing gloves from ten different manufacturers will show some size differences, as there are huge variations from manufacturer to manufacturer.

An unnamed 16 OZ glove may be slightly larger than an OZ Venum 12 boxing glove, which in turn is smaller than a 10 OZ Twins boxing glove. The boxing glove must always be considered in relation to the brand and the range of products.

In some manufacturers, the higher the number of ounces, the greater the glove.

Some glove marks have exactly the same volume outside, whether 10 OZ or 14 OZ. With these gloves, padding tends to move inward or weight comes from rubber insert or cuff.

It is not a direct sign of a particular sense of justice or know-how on the part of the manufacturer, but often simply a sign of cost savings in the production process. In this way, we save on the different molds and other individual parts and / or we can force a certain character.

The outside size of boxing gloves therefore depends very much on the manufacturer and less on the weight. It is therefore simply wrong to say that the 16 OZ boxing gloves are all bulky cushions.

Size of boxing gloves – interior

The interior size is a completely different site. In short, a long story: the weight has little to do with the space available for the hands, but also strongly depends on the manufacturer.

If you search Google for the size of boxing gloves, you will come across strange images and measurement boards where a hand is missing without bandage and where boxing gloves of size S, M or L are then required

I think it’s really great that some internet manufacturers and experts are trying to put some order in the world, but how should this painting help me ? Shouldn’t you bandage your hands when using boxing gloves ? What happens if I use extra long or double bandages ? What about inner gloves ?

You should always wear bandages during training, because hands and boxing gloves will always thank you ! And if you wear bandages in your boxing gloves, you should probably also measure with bandages.

The second problem is that these images come from manufacturers and are produced for their own products. If necessary, these measures can only be linked to the size of the boxing gloves of a specific brand. The sizes “S”, “M” or “L” do not really play a role in boxing gloves, because they are not at all standardized.

The rule is this: try them, try them, try them. If you want the perfect glove for your own hands, go to a specialized store or order several models and try boxing gloves with bandaged hands, because no one in this world would think of trying hiking shoes without socks, for example.

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