Why boxing is the ideal sport for children?

Why boxing is the ideal sport for children?

Boxing is a complete sport that works physical and mental. A sport which is aimed at both men and women and which is particularly suitable for children. Meeting with

Boxing is a combat sport, Yes, it’s true, but “during a kickboxing class you don’t learn to fight, to defend oneself at most, but we learn on the other hand the rules and techniques of a noble sport “explains the founder of Upper Kick Side a boxing club located within the confines of the Bogaerts International School , in the Brussels region, and which offers collective courses for men, women and children as well as private lessons.

A sport that has become trendy

“Boxing is attracting more and more people in general and more and more women in particular. In just one year, I saw my female clientele double. This is why I now offer collective courses reserved for women six days a week. And in parallel, my kids clientele also took off.”

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Boxing, a sport for children, really ? Yes at 100% ! “Boxing is a truly comprehensive sport that works both physical and mental. It is not a violent sport that teaches you to hit others. Not at all ! On the contrary, any good coach will explain to you that to do boxing, you have to respect the rules. It is a sport with real ethics.”

At what age can a child participate in a boxing course ?

“It all depends on the child’s maturity, but I would say that in general six years is the ideal age to start. I have a few girls and boys four or five years old, it really varies from individual to individual. The child must be able to listen to instructions and focus. For the little ones, I do not organize private lessons, only collective lessons and I do not present the session as a course proper. I build it as a moment of play and relaxation. The practice of a sport must remain a recreation. A moment of effort yes, but above all of pleasure.”

What are the benefits of boxing on a child’s development ?

“There are many. There are the physical benefits obviously since during a course, the child will spend a maximum of himself, run, jump, work the muscles of the whole body and laugh what is excellent for the abs. Then there is also an evolution in terms of the mind. I work with them psychomotricity (the right, the left, the feet, the hands, etc.) but also reflexes, agility, coordination of movements. In the long term, boxing allows a child to gain self-confidence, he is able to achieve goals, progress, exceed his limits and that is excellent for the image he has of him. I also attach great importance to teaching them to comply with the instructions and with the other. It is obviously forbidden to hurt. And I have to say it’s going very well. Faced with novelty, children are attentive and the group effect is also beneficial. They observe each other, imitate each other and learn together.”

Boxing is an educational sport that adapts to everyone regardless of age, provided that it is supervised by an excellent teacher with pedagogy.

UPPER KICK SIDE: Rue Engeland 555, 1180 Uccle

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