Why choose a boxing sports coach?

Why choose a boxing sports coach?

Boxing is a complete sport both physically but also psychologically. The advantages are numerous :

Combined with a balanced diet, boxing is a great way to burn calories (about 800 per hour). You will be able to slim while having a more toned and more body

Your endurance will be considerably improved which will allow you to feel much fitter on a daily basis.

If you like challenges, it’s also a great way to get past yourself and get rid of all the stress you have accumulated during the day.

The practice of boxing is not very restrictive, your coach lends you, boxing gloves, the punching bag, and the ring can improvise at home or outside.

This combat sport is divided into several categories, English boxing, Thai Muay (Thai Boxing) or savate (French boxing) and many others.

These different categories have their particularities, the use of fists only (English) or feet and fists (French, Thai).

You can choose your style based on your affinities and the body parts you want to develop.

We told you: boxing has many virtues. In fact, this physical activity is attracting more and more women who wish to indulge in fit boxing. The goal is to sculpt the body, improve physical ability and learn a defense technique.
Our sports coaches adapt to your constraints. Unlike a boxing gym where the schedules are fixed, our teams allow you to establish your own sports program.
Private boxing lessons for men will also satisfy those gentlemen who will have the leisure to learn all the sports techniques of the best professionals.
Take advantage of the valuable advice of Must Coach teachers
. Choose the equipment that corresponds to you, set the right objectives, get a taste for sport with our teams of teachers.

Why take a boxing coach?

Benefiting from the services of a good sports coach to practice boxing is an undeniable advantage. Having a private coach is even better. Boxing courses delivered in the conventional setting impose timetables, a schedule in the same way as a program common to all students. The first problem noted by our teams is in terms of time flexibility. Indeed, it is difficult to follow lessons assiduously when our daily life imposes days punctuated by children, work and other everyday obligations. Calling on a specialist Must Coach is choosing to take care of yourself through high-level athletes who travel to your home or to a gym, at the right time, in Paris and throughout the ‘Isle of France.

The second problem is that in a boxing gym the students have very little attention, because the coaches focus on the fighters. Your coach will be entirely dedicated to you and will adapt to your pace and your goals.

Your boxing coach is much more than just a teacher. Indeed, Must Coach professionals make it a point of honor to establish a relationship of trust with their students in order to allow them to fully exploit their potential and progress in good and due form. Listening to your desires, needs and goals, your private coach will offer you a series of personalized boxing exercises. Its mission will be to guide you, support you and encourage you throughout your sports journey. Thanks to him, do boxing exercises that match your abilities and your desires. Shaping, muscle reinforcement, burning fat, anything is possible thanks to boxing.

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