Why do boxing?

Why do boxing?

You are looking for a full sport, with multiple benefits, not only for the body but also for the head, so boxing is a great choice !

Here are 6 good reasons to get into boxing :

Boxing is a sport with regular and repeated movements, which naturally promotes muscle toning. Whether it’s learning typing techniques and good travel, or whether it is by conditioning exercises such as pumps, squats or abs, the whole body is solicited and gradually sculpted: the arms, abs, legs and glutes among others !

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It’s a sport where you’re going to sweat quickly. You can burn hundreds of calories in an hour of boxing. It obviously depends on your level of intensity, the type of exercise, your starting fitness level, as well as your weight.
As you burn calories, boxing necessarily burns those that are stored as fats, around the belly for example, but it does not stop there. Boxing being a dynamic sport, the arms, the buttocks and the thighs also benefit.

By boxing, you increase your heart rate, which helps strengthen the muscles of the heart. Boxing is also a sport that mixes intensity and recovery. Whether working with a strike bag, sparring or using a jump rope, this work at intervals gradually improves your endurance and therefore your cardiovascular form.

Boxing does not only sculpt your muscles, but also actively strengthens them: arms and legs obviously, but your abdomen in particular benefits not only the abs, but also the back and hips. A strong, better-wonned abdomen will help you last longer during the effort, to perfect your technique and improve your posture, as well as the accuracy of your movements.

Sport is a very good way to free endorphins, that is, hormones that provide a sense of well-being. With the intensity of boxing you will release them fairly quickly. What could be better than venting on a strike bag after a trying day ?

With learning strike, dodging and displacement techniques, boxing is also a very good way to build self-confidence. We must not forget either that it is a sport that makes you push your limits, which feeds your endurance, not only physical but also mental.


You can, of course, practice boxing in a gym or boxing, where strike bags, shields etc. will be made available. With the right equipment and a minimum of space, you can also practice it at home.
Depending on your desires and your equipment, you can do it alone or with a motivated partner.

Come on… Two little tips to feed your desire !

Forget prejudices and stereotypes:
Boxing does not rhyme with injuries and blows. YOU decide which boxing you want to do. With the for example, there is not even any sparring, while keeping the physical and emotional benefits of boxing. And, even if you are sparring, it is YOU who decide, with your partner, the intensity that you want to put.

Box at YOUR pace and gradually:
Boxing is a physical sport, which quickly solicits cardio and muscles
. If you start, go gradually and listen to your body. As you will tap into your resources and sweat, take fast sugars and hydrate yourself.

We hope to have made you understand that boxing is a sport with multiple virtues. Each benefit even strengthens the others, so that you will see that boxing can quickly become a virtuous circle in your daily life.

what budget for which sport ?

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