Why get into boxing?

Why get into boxing?

Boxing fascinates you, you often watch fights on TV, and you would like to become the one of tomorrow ? And why not ?!

Adeptate or novice, you are surely asking yourself thousands of questions about or .

Do not panic ! You will find out today the answers to these many questions, which I hope will help you better understand so many people are boxing.

Boxing, an evolving sport

Times have changed since the time when only a handful of people were boxing. And more often than not, it was not the “tender”, I grant you.

It was mainly reserved for men and before the coach gave you advice, it had to be shown that we wanted it for long hours by serving as a “strike bag” for competitors …. Not always very funny.

But like everything, boxing has evolved well and become more democratized, to become more accessible to all types of audiences. Whether it’s boxing fist (English box), or boxing called foot-poo (Boxe Française, Kick, Boxe Thai ….), today, the majority of members practice it for the purpose of conviviality and as a full-fledged physical activity, rather than with a view to wanting to “fight”.

The percentage of women practitioners continues to increase each year, as does the number of boxers / boxers worldwide.

Why ? Because the lessons become more and more fun and varied, you can start a session as well with a physical journey, as with games of opposition. I can already hear you say, “and the jump rope then ?”. Yes, it is still widely used, but it is no longer the only way to warm up in boxing.

You would be amazed by the diversity of the exercises offered and possible, because let’s not forget boxing is a complete sport that makes EVERYTHING work.

What are the benefits of boxing ?

Boxing is not limited to physical training, you will also get to know yourself and face your fears. Because your biggest opponent in the ring is yourself.

Boxing, a link with personal development ?

Here is a list of improvements that the practice of this sport can bring you:

  • Self-confidence: the practice of combat sport will increase your level of self-confidence, which can greatly help you in everyday life.
  • Better management of your fears: apprehensions and fears in the face of contact, we all have them, and you will learn to manage them to become more efficient in the ring and in your daily life. Because fear limits our potential, so we must learn to control it.
  • Personal satisfaction: after a good sports session you will feel a feeling of well-being mixed with the pleasure of, which will leave you a slight smile. Then, we are more beautiful / beautiful when we smile so let’s take advantage of it .
  • An awareness of your potential: in sport and boxing in particular, there will be times when you will be tired or you will think you have reached your limits, your coach and partners will be there to push you and show you that you are much stronger(e) that you cannot imagine.
  • Learning to trust: boxing is a RESPECT sport, exchanging “strokes” must be done with the respect of his partner, that is to say I am not going stronger than him / her, and I’m not trying to show that I’m the strongest(e) (except of course during competitions) but in training we are there to progress together.

To conclude, you will discover a notion of respect which is often in the shadow of barbarism that people imply from this sport. You will learn a lot more about yourself than you can imagine.

If you want to of course ! Because nothing prevents you from going “fair” to sweat a little.

A sport that makes everything work

Whether you are doing English Boxing, French Boxing, Chinese Boxing or American Boxing, you will work all parts of your body.

yes, every move to make it run well must be put into action with the help of your whole body. I explain this to you in: How to increase its strike force tenfold.

Here is a list of the physical benefits that boxing can bring you:

  • Improvement of your cardio: you would think that 2 minutes is short, but when you are in the ring it can quickly become long, but you will quickly get a taste for it and your endurance will only be increased.
  • Gains in strength / power: during training you will discover the pleasures of physical circuits, which will develop your muscles and thus increase your strength.
  • A refined silhouette: the often access training on cardio and muscle reinforcement, will burn your fatty mass to let appear your pretty brand new muscles.
  • A more drawn body: boxing will not make you have big muscles, except of course if you do bodybuilding next to it, but it will draw your body, and you will finally have, perhaps the legendary “chocolate bars.
  • A better motor skills: the chain of punches and feet will develop your mobility, since it is necessary for their good achievements.
  • A more resistant body: taking blows (strong or not) will strengthen your mind and your body. Add regular training to this, and you will become a real “war machine”.
  • Increase in your joint amplitude: Boxing techniques (all boxes combined) will develop your joint amplitude, and if in addition you make some stretching and softening, you can say goodbye (or almost) to your back problems.

You will understand, your whole body is stimulated during boxing training. Your physical condition will be greatly improved. You will feel stronger, more sheathed, more flexible, you will simply be in better shape.

Do not listen to “we say”

Often (even if less and less) when you say you want to do boxing you will hear friends, family and other people around you saying:

But have these people ever practiced this sport ? Most of the time those who tell you that have never done it, and the advice I will have to give you is this:

Whether in boxing or any other subject, listen to your heart first. After that I’m not saying you have to go headlong, but if you really want to do something, do it all the way, while remaining open-minded about the advice that those around you can give you.

In summary: Why boxing is a very good sporting activity ?

Boxing is a complete physical and psychological sport that has evolved over time, you can practice it in leisure and for pleasure, without being afraid to come out with it .

Even if I haven’t touched on it too much in this article, you may also want to and for that there is nothing better than competition. There are 2 types:

  • The Educational Box / assault: Or the goal is to reach your opponent as many times as possible, without looking for impact. Ideal for starting in the world of competition.
  • Boxing fights: Main feature of noble art, you have the possibility in boxing to fight fights or the objective is to “put knock out your opponent”. In this context, you will need a minimum age (see according to your boxing federation) as well as a required level.

You will soon find articles to improve the quality of your training and develop your boxing technique, which will help you progress faster in the ring.

In the meantime, I hope I have helped you in your choice regarding this noble sport that has been for me

, your MotivaBoxe coach.

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